Activity Highlight

7/2~7/3 I participated in Taipei Robotics Challenge and got the 2nd place.Although we had some mistakes in the first round, the results still best for me.(2022/7/11)


Participated in TIRT and won first place, I would like to thank my teammates.And this will be a motivation to let me move on.(2022/3/11)Call for Code

We learned something new about metaverse ,NFT, etc. We had lot of fun at the event.  The best thing was that we won the prize even though  we were younger than the others.(2022/1/9)Call for Code

In this event, I learned a lot about teamwork and programming skills. Although we encountered problems in the production process, we have overcome them. Thanks again to everyone who helped us in this competition and my team members.(2021/8/26)

Call for Code

Congratulations to the department of Intelligent Automation Engineering for winning the third prize of The 1st National Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Application Competition(2021/08/06)
















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