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    Sep. 2018                                                                               Taiwan, Taipei

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Associate Bachelor                                                                Five-Years

Department Introduction     


Cooperating with Ministry of Education policy and the national forward-looking industry development strategy, we cultivate inter-disciplinary artificial intelligence and practical technical manpower, making them become Taiwan's future proactive industry succession leaders.


Customized Curriculum Frame 


Comparing to traditional high school education frame, we conceive a highly practical curriculum frame to help students build up their unique tech learning route.

Concretely speaking, this frame consists of fundamental mechatronic, information, automation courses combining IOT & AI tech, which can establish solid high-tech knowledge foundation during the 1st through 3rd grade,  later on students can take various professional courses to develop their own profession and achieve engineering projects during the 4th and 5th grades.

P-TECH Education Model


This new education model was mainly developed by IBM working together with educators, policymakers and governmental officials. P-TECH is designed to be both widely replicable and sustainable, as part of the national efforts to reform career and technological education.